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"Old Cranwellians Mike Horton, Mike Smith and Ian Steward have joined forces to promote and celebrate the unrivalled 100 year history of the RAF College and its remarkable alumni. This album announces the launch of our Project APOLLO, with edited video highlights of our College's history.Info


Having recorded the names of nearly 28,000 cadets, SFTS aircrew, GE, IOT and IOTC graduates to heve been trained at the RAF College, the album attempts to portray the throughput of training during the College's 100 year history. The analysis is approximate, giving trends by decade, and data on later years is still awaited. REVISED IN JULY 2021 TO INCLUDE LATEST IOTC ENTRIES.Info

Commemorating V-J Day 15  August, we offer our tribute to Cranwellian's who served in the Far East

To commemorate the anniversary of V-J day, this album gives a short account of RAF operations in the Far East and of Cranwellian casuaties throughout the campaign.Info
Operation CROSSBROW was the Bomber Command campaign against the German V1 and V2 threat. This tribute album summarises Cranwellian connections from the first mission, Operation HYDRA to the analysis by a Cranwellian's father of the V weapon dvelopments in Germany immediately after the war ended.Info
A sister booklet to the tributes to Cranwellians of WWII Fighter and Bomber Commands, this tribute is still in draft but will cover Cranwellians who fought in Coastal and Overseas Commands. As we celebrate the Cranwellian Many in July (for Bomber Command Day) and the Cranwellian Few in September (for Battle of Britain Day), we celebrate Cranwellians of other Commands in August.Info