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During our research, we have amassed records on nearly 30,000 different idividuals who were fortunate enough to have been selected and to attend the RAF College for Initial Officer Training or, in the war years of WWII, for basic and advanced flying training with the College SFTS (later 17 FTS). We have endeavoured to cross-check and verify all the data we have retieved from a variety of authoritative sources, but inevitably cannot be certain to have established a wholly complete and accurate library. That said, we now feel confident that, from this single point of access, we can share most of this data to allow others to complete their own analyses and, where willing, to offer feedback and constructive criticism so that we may amend our own records.

The rest of this site offers a selection of pdf albums, video clips and recordings that aim to deliver a balanced and detailed account of the first 100 years of the RAF College's History, covering a variety interesting of topics. On this page, however, we offer a by-product - the opportunity to research the databases from which the content of this site has been derived. In the table below, you will be able to 'click' on any of the cells to access data from one of the four main eras that constitue the College History from 1920-2019. Through the benefit of spreadsheet pivot tables, we have categorised the data for each era into six main topics (Name, Entry Date, Service Branch, Feeder Schools, College Prizes, Honours & Awards and Casualties. Whilst this page is our creation, it would be remiss of us not to acknowledge the deligent work of other researchers from whom we have been able to retrieve verified information. They are too numerous to mention, but we trust that by centralising data on Cranwellians, we have also put their efforts to further good use.